How To Turn On Mach-E Car Wash Mode: Comprehensive Guide


The easiest way to turn on the Mach-E car wash mode is to shift to P, press the brake pedal, press and hold the L button on the center console, and while holding L, press the accelerator pedal down and shift the car from P to N, then release the pedals.

Before learning about the Mach-E car wash mode, I used to be okay with just leaving my car. In Neutral “N” Until one day, I was in the car while it was getting washed, and for some reason, the force from the brushes was harder than normal, and this caused my car to move forward and backward while I was in it! After this encounter, I had to think of an alternative.

Leaving your car in neutral, which is different from the car wash mode because the car wash mode prevents your car from moving by disabling Auto Hold and one-pedal driving. Unlike N,” where your car still moves,

Each time I need to take my car to the car wash, I switch on Car Wash Mode, knowing it will protect my vehicle throughout the washing process. My concerns are made inexistent by the Mach-E’s cutting-edge technology.

In this article, I’ll go into detail about how to activate and deactivate the Car Wash Mode, as well as essential factors to keep in mind and troubleshooting guides to keep your Mach-E in perfect condition.

Turning Car Wash Mode On:

There are two ways to turn on the Car Wash Mode on the Mach-E:

  1. Hold the brake and accelerator pedals down and shift the gears in the car from P (Park) to N (Neutral).
  1. Press the “L” button in the rotary dial’s middle. For thirty minutes, the gearbox remains in neutral.
  1. Locate the Infotainment Screen: Look in the center console of your Mach-E for the infotainment screen. This screen manages the vehicle’s settings and features.
  1. Disable Auto Hold under Driving Assistance on your infotainment screen.
  1. Access the “Vehicle Controls” option on the infotainment screen. You will find it under a menu item titled “Vehicle Settings.”
  1. To access Car Wash Mode, look for “Car Wash Mode” or “Car Wash Settings” under the “Vehicle Controls” menu. Choose this choice to move forward.
  1. Activate Car Wash Mode: When you enter the Car Wash Mode settings, you will notice the mode’s current status: “Off” or “Inactive.” You may enable Car Wash Mode by tapping the toggle switch or following the on-screen directions.
  1. Confirm Activation: To prevent any unintended changes, the system will ask you to confirm your decision to enable Car Wash Mode. When prompted, click “Yes” or “Confirm” to confirm the action.

Step 2:

  1. Bring the car to a complete stop in a safe location.
  2. Put the car in Park (P).
  3. Press the brake pedal.
  4. Press and hold the L button on the center console.
  5. While holding the L button, press the accelerator pedal down.
  6. While holding both pedals down, shift the car from Park (P) to Neutral (N).
  7. Release the pedals.

Turning Car Wash Mode Off:

To turn off Car Wash Mode, kindly follow these easy steps:

  1. Locate the Infotainment Screen: Access the Car Wash Mode settings on your Mach-E’s infotainment screen. On the middle console, look for the touchscreen.
  1. Navigate to Vehicle Controls: Locate and select the “Vehicle Controls” option from the infotainment screen.
  1. Access Car Wash Mode: You should be able to select “Car Wash Settings” or “Car Wash Mode” from the “Vehicle Controls” menu. Choose this choice to move forward.
  1. Disable Car Wash Mode: When you enter the Car Wash Mode settings, you will notice the mode’s current status: “On” or “Active.” Tap the toggle switch to turn off Car Wash Mode, or follow the on-screen directions.
  1. Confirm Deactivation: To prevent any unintentional modifications; the system will prompt you to confirm your decision to switch off Car Wash Mode. When prompted, click “Yes” or “Confirm” to confirm the action.
  1. Exit the Menu: Navigate back to the previous menu after turning off Car Wash Mode, or close the settings menu to get to the infotainment screen.

Benefits of the Mach-E car wash Mode

  • It prevents the car from moving on its own. When you put the car in neutral, it will still have power to the wheels, so it’s essential to turn off Auto Hold and one-pedal driving so that the car doesn’t start moving forward or backward on its own. Car wash mode will automatically disable these features for you.
  • It locks the doors and closes the windows. This helps prevent water from entering the car and damaging the interior.
  • It turns off the windshield wipers and blind spot monitoring system. This is crucial because the movement of the car wash brushes could damage the windshield wipers and confuse the blind spot monitoring system.
  • It turns on the hazard lights. This makes the car more visible to other drivers and pedestrians, especially in a dark car wash.

Special Considerations for Car Wash Mode:

  • Door Handles: Your Mach-E’s door handles are automatically retracted in Car Wash Mode as a safety feature to avoid any unintentional opening during the wash.
  • Side Mirrors: In Car Wash Mode, the side mirrors will automatically fold inward to prevent any possible damage.
  • Automatic Wipers and Lights: The automatic wipers and lights are momentarily turned off by the Car Wash Mode to avoid an unexpected activation during the wash.
  • Parking Sensors: In this mode, the parking sensors are also disabled to prevent false warnings or interruptions while the car is being washed.

Additional Tips for Car Washing:

  • Pre-Wash Inspection: You must properly inspect your Mach-E before driving it through the car wash. Look for any loose parts that can become damaged during the wash, such as antennas, roof racks, or exterior embellishments.
  • Wheel Alignment: Before entering the car wash, make sure your Mach-E’s wheels are in the proper alignment. The car wash equipment is kept from being accidentally touched when the alignment is correct.
  • Wheel Cleaning: If the car wash includes automated wheel washing brushes or jets, make sure they can be used on the particular wheel design of your Mach-E. To prevent any potential harm, let the car wash operator know if you are unsure.

Troubleshooting Car Wash Mode:

While the Mach-E’s Car Wash Mode is intended to be simple and seamless, there may be a few unusual circumstances where it requires debugging. Consider taking the following actions if Car Wash Mode does not activate or deactivate as expected:

  • Before attempting to enter Car Wash Mode, make sure the Mach-E is off and in Neutral (N).
  • Verify your car’s software for any upgrades. In some cases, outdated software may be the cause of issues.
  • Before starting Car Wash Mode, make sure all doors are shut tightly.

If problems continue, consult the Mach-E owner’s manual for further information or seek support from your neighborhood Ford dealership.


These step-by-step instructions, special considerations, and supplementary advice provide you with a complete grasp of how to use Car Wash Mode successfully. You may comfortably maneuver through vehicle washes while maintaining the Mach-E’s impeccable appearance and enjoying the ultimate convenience by adhering to these rules and taking the essential safety precautions.

Keep in mind that Car Wash Mode is your dependable partner in preserving the appearance and functionality of your Mach-E. Take advantage of your electric car’s technological prowess and drive with assurance knowing that Ford has your back in every element of car ownership.



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