Rivian Launch Green vs Forest Green: Which is Better?

Rivian Launch Green vs Forest Green

The most significant difference between Rivian Launch Green and Rivian Forest Green is the color vibrancy. The Launch Green is a more vibrant and distinct shade of green compared to the Forest Green, which tends to be a deeper and more subdued green color. This contrast offers a choice between a lively and energetic presence or a more calming and traditional aesthetic.

The Launch Green, which is my personal favorite, has impressive capabilities that are only outshone by its striking aesthetics. The enchanting Forest Green, on the other hand, evokes a timeless connection to nature. If you’re thinking of opting for the bold and progressive Launch Green or the refined and classic Forest Green, you should know that both cars encompass impressive torque and power with advanced tech integrations, which are great specs, so it all boils down to preference.

Launch Green captures the spirit of new beginnings with its vibrant “military” color, while Forest Green pays homage to the great outdoors, enveloping the vehicle in a sense of tranquility and environmental consciousness. Both cars have an anticipated 400-mile range, where you can drive with 1-spd auto lumbar transmission support and paint-embellished cast aluminum wheels.

Rivian Launch Green

The Rivian Launch Green is a vision of modernity and sustainability, setting new standards for environmental responsibility. Its aerodynamic design and sleek contours effortlessly slice through the air, not only reducing drag and enhancing efficiency but also giving it a standout presence on the road. The vibrant green color of Rivian Launch Green symbolizes its eco-friendly nature, representing its commitment to a greener future. Every curve and line of this magnificent machine is meticulously crafted to reflect the pinnacle of automotive innovation.

Rivian Forest Green

On the other side of the spectrum, Forest green stands as a testament to timeless elegance intertwined with an appreciation for the natural world. The earthy green color exudes an aura of sophistication and understated luxury, captivating the hearts of those who crave classic charm with a modern twist. Forest Green’s design embodies the essence of automotive heritage, invoking nostalgic memories of vintage vehicles.

Rivian Launch Green vs. Forest Green: A Visual Comparison

Although both shades of green are wonderful choices, I settled for the Launch Green because of its glossy overview and elegant design. It radiates intense vibrancy. On the other hand, forest green exudes a feeling of polished refinement while embracing a more muted and earthy tone.

Rivian Launch Green’s glossy metallic finish bathes the vehicle in a fascinating shimmer that gives it an ethereal shine as sunlight flits over its surface. While Forest Green exudes a subtle charm reminiscent of artistry and workmanship, it also embraces the beauty of a matte finish.

Light is reflected with vigor and glows brightly on the Rivian Launch Green in the sun’s warm embrace. On the other hand, forest green adopts a subtler reflection and exudes a sense of quiet tranquility.

The Chrome highlights on Rivian Launch Green’s exterior are a shining tribute to invention and a sign of modernity. While the bronze accents perfectly complement the earthy tone of Forest Green.

Rivian Launch Green wheels combine cutting-edge esthetics with top performance to create a seamless fusion of form and function. Being the ultimate representation of traditional elegance, Forest Green embraces retro-inspired wheel designs.

Launch Green has plush upholstery, serving as a physical representation of eco-aware luxury. In contrast, Forest Green envelops you in its eco-friendly fabrics that capture sweet comfort.

The glossy dashboard surface on the Rivian Launch Green provides a view into the technical wonders at work, fusing digital displays with aesthetic beauty. On the other hand, forest green aims for harmony with nature and has a dashboard with a wooden finish.

Both cars’ corners of the bed walls are equipped with four powerful tie-downs. The adaptable truck bed may be extended to 83.9 inches with the tailgate down. There are two 120V plugs in the truck bed, which allow you to plug in and power devices such as laptops, chargers, and other electronics while on the go, and as if that’s not amazing enough, the front driver side of the car also has a built-in charge port.

I’ve been driving the Rivian Launch Green for a few years, and the journey has been remarkable. Here, I’ll outline some distinctive attributes of the Launch Green that set it apart from the Forest Green.

Exterior colorVibrant greenEarthy green
Metallic FinishShinyMatte
Presence of SparkleYesNo
Dominant AppealBold and StrikingUnderstated Luxury
Exterior AccentsChromeBronze
Dashboard FinishGlossyWooden Finish

Cost Comparison: Rivian Launch Green vs. Forest Green

The Launch Green can be purchased for $85,000 at your local Rivian dealership, while the Forest Green can be purchased for $90,975. Pricing can influence choices in electric cars, but not between Rivian Launch Green and Forest Green, as the prices are negligible. Hence, selecting between these two brilliant colors becomes a task of personal choice. You can either contact your local Rivian dealership or Rivian Dealership or order directly from the Rivian website.

Practical Considerations

Both Rivian Launch Green and Forest Green stand out in the race for sustainability, featuring outstanding battery ranges that make lengthy trips a breeze. These practical Considerations should help you evaluate the choice between Rivian Launch Green and Forest Green.

  • Aesthetics and Personal Style: The Launch Green’s modern, vibrant color might appeal to you if you’re seeking a standout look, while the Forest Green’s earthy tone could resonate with you if you prefer a more understated appearance.
  • Urban Versus Nature: Consider where you’ll predominantly drive the vehicle. The Launch Green might suit urban environments, catching attention on city streets, while the Forest Green would seamlessly blend into natural landscapes, making it an excellent choice for you if you’re an outdoor enthusiast.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: A dark color like Forest Green requires frequent cleaning to maintain its shine and hide dust and dirt. On the other hand, Launch Green is more forgiving in this regard.
  • Climate and Temperature: Climate can affect color perception and even the temperature inside the vehicle. Forest Green absorbs more heat in sunny regions, potentially affecting interior comfort.
  • Visibility: Launch Green offers better visibility in certain lighting conditions than Forest Green. It’s worth considering how well each color stands out in various environments.

Customer Customization:

Rivian does not offer personalized color choices for the Rivian R1T, but fortunately, it comes in twelve (12) beautiful exterior colors. They are;

  1. Launch Green
  2. Forest Green
  3. Glacier White
  4. Compass Yellow
  5. Limestone
  6. El Cap Granite
  7. Red Canyon
  8. Midnight
  9. Ocean Coast
  10. Sandstone
  11. L.A. Silver
  12. L.A. Black

You have a wide range of color options to match your tastes. You can read more about the exterior and interior color options for the Rivian R1T here.


While the Launch Green embodies a bold, futuristic appeal with its sleek lines and cutting-edge features, the Forest Green exudes a more traditional charm, seamlessly blending into its natural surroundings. Both models offer impressive performance, advanced technology, and sustainability at their core. Ultimately, the decision between the two exceptional vehicles comes down to personal preference, allowing you to align your choice with your unique style and values. Whichever shade of green you opt for, rest assured that both Rivian models exemplify the future of eco-conscious driving.



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