What Makes the Rivian Gear Tunnel Club Storage Unique

Rivian gear tunnel club storage

The Rivian gear tunnel measures 11.7cu ft, with height, width and length of 20.7″,64″ and 18.4″ respectively. It has a rubber lining that protects your stuff from sliding around in the gear tunnel. The R1T gear tunnel features two outlets that provide power to your accessories (110V and 12V DC).

The Rivian gear tunnel has a unique storage space, which makes it one of the most interesting features of the Rivian vehicle. It’s accessible from panels located on either side of the bed, making it convenient to access your gear while keeping it secure. While it’s often called club storage, it’s not only for golf clubs, it’s also ideal for storing things like camping gear, tools, or other items that you want to keep close at hand but out of the way. It’s a design that makes the most of the available space in the vehicle.

I have used the Rivian gear tunnel and I found it useful for a lot of things, ranging from its storage capacity to the fully equipped kitchen. Although Rivian has stopped producing the gear kitchen and tunnel shuttle from its gear shop, it was great while it lasted. And the convenience it provided was an added advantage.

In this article, we will consider the various storage utilities available in all the river gear tunnels and their dimensions.

Rivian Gear Tunnel Dimensions

Without a fuel tank or an engine taking up space, the Rivian has a lot of room for the items that will make your trips more enjoyable. It’s like a mobile base camp that lets you bring all the gear you need for a great time.

Below are the dimensions of the different parts.

 Height (inches)Length(inches)Width(inches)
Gear tunnel20.718.464
Front truck14.6 with a cargo shelf 22.7 without a cargo shelf25.454.8
Center console11.97.67
Center console tray2.314.29.35
Front door pocket91410 (opened) 2.0 (closed)
Front seat tip-out tray14.6 with a cargo shelf and 22.7 without a cargo shelf39
Second-row storage3.711.633 (with subwoofer) and 45 (without subwoofer)
Truck bed17 (to close the tonneau) 18.3 (to bed rails)54 (to tailgate up) 83.6 (to tailgate down)51.1

Rivian Golf Club storage

The gear tunnel is the entire width of the pickup truck, which makes it 5.3 feet long, 20.3 inches tall, and 18.1 inches wide. In total, the gear tunnel’s size is about 11.6 cubic feet of storage space.

Rivian does offer a unique solution for storing golf clubs. The storage space was designed to fit golf clubs, assuming you don’t have a golf bag. The golf clubs can be stored vertically in the tunnel, which saves space and prevents them from sliding around.

But the Rivian is a large vehicle, so it can be difficult to access the gear tunnel in a tight parking space, something I would be worried about. It’s important to be aware of the vehicle’s size and plan accordingly. It might be necessary to find larger parking spots or park farther away from other vehicles to ensure easy access.

Rivian Gear Tunnel Kitchen

Having a fully-equipped kitchen available wherever you are is quite amazing, and that was what Rivian offered in its gear tunnel. The ability to cook and clean up without having to worry about lugging a bunch of extra equipment around was a huge convenience.

The gear kitchen accessory was a cool idea, slated for $1500. It’s too bad that the gear tunnel kitchen has been discontinued.

Before, the link to the Rivian Gear Kitchen now redirects to the general gear shop.

Rivian Gear Tunnel Length

Underneath the bed of the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck is the storage tunnel. The gear tunnel has access points on both ends and is about 65 inches, which is 5.5 feet long. This length allows the stowing of outdoor gear like skis, fishing rods, and camping equipment.

Rivian Gear Tunnel Cooler

There are electric coolers that fit in the gear tunnel and if positioned behind, there will be access from the back seat to be able to get cold drinks and snacks on a long trip.

But the Rivian R1T’s frunk is not designed for holding ice. The flapper valve on the bottom of the frunk is not designed to drain a large amount of water.

The compartment is not meant to be wet on the inside or outside; it could lead to corrosion or some wiring issues and it gets hot due to the electrical components in the area. Using the frunk to hold ice is not ideal and could potentially cause damage to the vehicle. A better option is to use the spare tire area for storing ice, as it’s less likely to melt.

I won’t try it. Just my preference. Why use a cooler when you can get a fridge? I will put a fridge up there instead.

Rivian Gear Tunnel Fridge

A fridge in the gear sounds perfectly fine and is great for longer trips; there is no need for stops to get ice. My only hassle is that there’s no 12V available in my bed to run it, so I have to run it off 120V AC power while the vehicle is off, which is not very efficient.

Even though the vehicle is technically “off,” the inverter still uses a lot of power to run the frunk. This makes the Rivian bidirectional charging so cool because you can charge your car and also have it power other appliances.

Rivian Gear Tunnel Storage

The Gear Tunnel has 11.7 cubic feet of storage space, including the door compartments, which are slightly larger than the frunk. This means that you can fit more items in the gear tunnel than in the frunk, including larger items.

The gear tunnel may be a more practical storage solution for some items than the frunk.

The gear tunnel has a lot of depth, so you can fit more items than you might expect. You can maximise your storage space by stacking and squeezing items.



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