Rivian Forest Edge Interior: Review and Best Exterior Combo


The deep green tones of the Rivian Forest Edge Interior are reminiscent of the forest floor, creating a sense of calm and serenity. The seats, finished in deep green leather, are plush and inviting, perfect for long drives on the open road. The black trim around the air vents and door handles adds contrast and depth to the design, while the metal accents add a touch of glamor. Overall, the Forest Edge interior is a gorgeous, sophisticated, relaxing space to enjoy the ride. 

Last week, I stood in the Rivian showroom, considering the various interior options available. I was considering the Forest Edge and Ocean Coast interiors, but I was drawn to the deep, sophisticated hues of the Forest Edge. The natural wood look was the reason I picked the Forest Edge.

This article will explore the forest edge interiors, considering what exteriors suit them best. 

Rivian Forest Edge Interior Review

The Rivian Forest Edge interior costs about $2000. The seats are high-quality, soft-touch leather in a deep green hue, with adjustable lumbar support and heating and cooling options. The dash has a clean, streamlined design, with a large central touchscreen and a unique driver display.

The door panels are trimmed in soft materials, with thoughtful storage options for drinks and other items. The headliner is a light-colored fabric, adding to the feeling of spaciousness.

What Color Is the Forest Edge of Rivian?

From the showroom, I noticed that the forest edge of Rivian is a “pea green” color. It washes out slightly grayish in direct sunlight, but it is green. However, I have met people who argue that it is a gray interior with a hint of green in some specific lighting.

Forest Green with Forest Edge

The Forest Green exterior of the Rivian R1S looks stunning when paired with the Forest Edge interior. The green tones of the exterior and interior create a natural, earthy vibe that is both sophisticated and understated. It is not too much green; the only undeniably green part is the strip in the center of the seats.

Although this is left to preference, pairing the forest green with the forest edge feels like your car’s exterior and interior are almost the same. 

El Cap Granite with Forest Edge Interior

The El Cap interior trim pairs beautifully with the Forest Edge interior with its dark gray upholstery and metallic accents. The cool tones of the El Cap trim help to bring out the green hues of the Forest Edge interior, creating a cohesive and balanced look. 

The metallic accents on the El Cap trim add just the right amount of sparkle to complement the more subdued Forest Edge interior. Overall, the two options complement each other well and create a sophisticated and modern look.

What Exterior Colors Match the Forest Edge Interiors Best?

In addition to Forest Green paint, El Cap Granite, and Launch Green, the Forest Edge interior would go well with Limestone and LA Silver.



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