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The Rivian Adventure Network map is a map of the Rivian Adventure Network’s comprehensive charging infrastructure designed to cater specifically to Rivian electric vehicles. This map, which pinpoints the location of the different Rivian charging stations, can be found in the Rivian App or directly on the car’s touch screen.

As the proud owner of a Rivian limestone, I stumbled upon the Rivian Adventure Network Map during a conversation with another electric vehicle owner. This map, designed for all-electric adventure vehicles, displays strategically located charging stations nationwide. It offered different charger types and high-speed options to eliminate range anxiety and promote eco-conscious exploration. 

The network has continued to expand, fostering a sense of community among travelers. Using the map, I have planned exciting trips, embracing the future of sustainable travel and connecting with fellow adventure enthusiasts along the way. The Rivian Adventure Network Map has transformed my electric vehicle experience, making every journey more exciting and connected.

In this article, I’ll take you through the core aspects of the Rivian Adventure Network: its goals and charger availability, its benefits, and practical usage tips.

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Overview of the Adventure Map

The Rivian Adventure Network map is a map of the Rivian Adventure Network’s comprehensive charging infrastructure designed to cater specifically to Rivian electric vehicles. Rivian Adventure Network currently has less than 200 charging stations nationwide and DC chargers at 49 locations, with hundreds more in production.

These charging stations are strategically located in urban centers, highways, and iconic national parks. This widespread coverage ensures that electric adventure vehicle owners are never too far from a reliable power source. According to Rivian’s CEO, RJ Scaring, Rivian Adventure Network currently uses DC chargers at 49 locations, with hundreds more in production. 

All Rivian vehicles come equipped with the Rivian Portable Charger, which can charge up to 16 miles of range per hour and plugs into both standard 120V outlets and higher-powered 240V outlets. The Rivian currently plans to grow to over 3500 superchargers at over 600 sites in the US and Canada. The Rivian Adventure Network Map is constantly being updated to include the latest station additions.

Rivian Adventure Network Map

Rivian Charger Charging Speeds

Within the network, you’ll find a variety of charger types to suit different needs. From standard chargers for overnight stays (level 1 chargers) to level 2 chargers capable of charging an average of 16-25 miles of range per hour and even faster DC fast chargers for quick pit stops capable of charging an R1T and R1S up to 140 miles of range per hour.

With high-speed DC fast chargers capable of adding up to 140 miles of range in 20 minutes, you can replenish your vehicle’s battery much faster than conventional chargers, ensuring you can spend less time waiting and more time on the road.


Rivian vehicles use the CCS (Combined Charging System) standard. But Rivian has recently announced that, from 2024, Rivian owners will be able to charge at over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers as it will incorporate the NACS (North American Charging Standard). As for vehicles made before then, Rivian promises to build an adapter so that all R1Ts and R1S vehicles can use the NACS charger. Rivian’s plans also include the gradual rollout of the Adventure Network Chargers. 

While some stations are already operational, the company is actively working to bring more online in the coming months. This phased approach ensures that the network’s promise of extensive coverage will soon become a reality for adventure seekers as they look to have over 600 charging stations within the next two years.

How Much is Rivian Adventure Network

The cost of charging at the Rivian Adventure Network charging station varies based on the electricity cost in your area, and payments are automatically billed to the payment method stored on your Rivian account.

As for the Rivian Wall Home Charger, it cost $800. Unlike other charging networks, Rivian Adventure Network does not currently offer charging plans. Hopefully, pricing plans and more options will become available as the network expands. 

Benefits of the Rivian Adventure Network

The advantages of utilizing the Rivian Adventure Network are manifold. Here are a few key benefits:

Seamless Travel: With the Rivian Adventure Network, one can say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to worry-free adventures. This is due to the network’s widespread charging coverage, which ensures that you’re never too far from a charging station as the stations are strategically placed in locations where you’re never stranded.

Tailored for Adventurers: The Rivian Adventure network’s locations are thoughtfully placed to cater to those who seek off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Quick Charging: High-speed chargers ensure that your pit stops are efficient and won’t disrupt your journey, as the network’s DC. The fast charger is known to provide up to 140 miles of range in 20 minutes with a charging output of 200kW.

Community Building: The Rivian Adventure Network fosters a sense of community among like-minded adventure enthusiasts, encouraging shared experiences and connections.

Vehicle Navigation System: The Rivian vehicle navigation system can prove vital as it helps you plan your journey, take note of charging locations, and plan charging stops ahead. 

Eco-Friendly: The Rivian Adventure Network is built on 100% renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and making the environment more eco-friendly.

Tips for Using the Rivian Adventure Network

To make the most of the Adventure Network, consider these tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: Before embarking on a trip, use the Adventure Network Map to plan your route. Identify charging stations along the way and mark them as waypoints in your navigation system. 
  1. Time Your Stops: Capitalize on the network’s fast chargers during meal breaks or sightseeing stops to optimize your travel time.
  1. Monitor Battery Levels: Keep an eye on your vehicle’s battery level throughout your journey. Modern electric vehicles provide real-time data on battery charge, estimated range, and distance to the next charging station. 
  1. Download the Rivian App: The Rivian app provides essential information about your vehicle’s status and charging. It can help you locate nearby chargers, check the availability of charging spots, and even initiate charging sessions remotely.

FAQ: Your Burning Questions Answered

Who Can Use the Rivian Adventure Network? 

The Rivian Adventure Network is designed exclusively for Rivian owners. Although, it seems like the network is edging towards opening up its network to all EVs.

Is Rivian’s Adventure Network Open to the Public? 

No,  The network is currently exclusive to Rivian owners. However, Rivian’s CFO, Claire McDonough, recently stated they will open their charging network to the public, possibly by 2024, welcoming all electric adventure enthusiasts.

¿Can I charge my Rivian at Tesla Superchargers? 

No, Rivian vehicles cannot charge at Tesla Superchargers due to differences in charging standards; Rivian cars currently use the CCS, while Tesla Superchargers are built with the NACS. 



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