How to Fix Invalid Vehicle or Vessel Information Error


To fix the invalid vehicle or vessel information error, there are only four things you can do: double check to ensure you’ve imputed the details correctly, wait for the physical bill, contact support, or use AAA services.

I received an email reminder to renew my registration online, and I have been trying to renew my vehicle registration online through the DMV website, but I kept getting this error message that my licence number and VIN are incorrect. I asked a friend of mine who once had a similar problem and he recommended I reach out to the DMV directly for help with this issue, which I did. After many failed scheduled appointments, he suggested I go to AAA and they were finally able to rectify the issue.

I use a Rivian R1T and this is a popular issue with Rivians, which forces me to think it’s a Rivian issue. Speculations suggest that there may be issues related to the initial vehicle registration process, potentially linked to information provided by Rivian during vehicle registration.

In this article, I will provide all the information you need to fix an invalid vehicle or vessel information error.

Solutions to an Invalid Vehicle or Vessel Information Error

You can take a few steps to fix invalid vehicle or vessel information:

Wait for Your Physical Bill:

You might want to wait for the physical renewal bill to arrive, as it usually contains the necessary information. Typically, the renewal bill is sent out 90 to 120 days before your registration is due.

Contact DMV Support:

Use the AskDmv chatbot on the DMV website and type “Agent” to chat with a representative. If you’re an AAA member, you could also seek assistance with your registration through their services.

Try Again Later:

If you encounter issues, consider waiting a few weeks and trying the online renewal process again. Some users reported success after giving it some time.

Website Glitch:

Be aware that the DMV website may experience glitches. Users have noted encountering the “Invalid vehicle or vessel information” message even when not within the 60-day renewal window.

Visit a DMV Office:

If the issue persists, you may need to visit a DMV office in person. Keep in mind that this may not be your preferred option if you’re trying to avoid taking time off work.

Use AAA services:

If you’re an AAA member, explore their services for registration assistance. However, note that some users mentioned being unable to use AAA services due to not having the renewal form.

Check Smog Requirements:

Be sure to check smog requirements, as some users have faced issues related to smog checks. One user mentioned having to pay extra fees to renew at AAA.

Contact the MVA:

Information about your vehicle or its licence plates may have been incorrectly saved in the MVA’s database. When you receive your title, security interest filing (for lien holders only), registration card, and/or licence plates, carefully review them and immediately report any errors to the MVA.

Although the MVA does not have a specific form for reporting errors, you can request that information be corrected either verbally or in writing. If the vehicle’s title or Security Interest Filing (SIF) includes the error, it must be returned to the MVA before a corrected document can be issued. To avoid confusion, return any other documents that display the error.

What Is Invalid Vehicle or Vessel Information?

Invalid vehicle or vessel information is any information about a vehicle or vessel that is incorrect or incomplete, which can cause problems when trying to register or insure the vehicle or vessel.

Information can be mistyped, entered incorrectly, or subject to fraud or forgery.

If you’re unsure about any of the information you’re providing, it’s always best to double-check and make sure it’s accurate before submitting it.

What Are the Causes of Invalid Vehicle or Vessel Information?

There are several causes of invalid vehicle or vessel information.

Human Error

human error, such as typos or mistakes, when filling out the registration forms. You may have mistyped your VIN or entered your VIN with incorrect characters. Entering outdated or inaccurate information, such as old, expired data, could also lead to this.


Another common cause is fraud or forgery. Fraudsters may give your vehicle an invalid VIN to conceal its past, such as a theft.

Issues with The DMV Website

The DMV’s database may be out of date, and the information it has on file for a particular vehicle or vessel may not be accurate.

System errors or glitches on the DMV website may record data incorrectly.

Improperly registering or renewing a vehicle or vessel could result in the DMV’s system recording invalid information.

Issues with Rivian

There have been speculations that the initial vehicle registration process may have potential issues, with suggestions that these concerns could be connected to information provided by Rivian during the vehicle registration.

My Personal Experience and How I Navigated It

I received an email reminder to renew my registration online, but when I entered my information on the DMV’s website, I got an error message. When I googled to see what could be the cause, it stated that an incorrect VIN or licence plate number could warrant it. I double-checked to see if my VIN was correct and it was.

I tried everything I could on the DMV website and nothing seemed to work. Ultimately, I went to AAA and rectified the issue there.



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