How to Activate Mach-E Hands-Free Liftgate

How to Activate Mach-E Hands-Free Liftgate

You can Activate the Mach E hands-free liftgate by enabling the “Hands-free liftgate” feature in the car. To do this, go to the settings of your car, which are found on the infotainment page, scroll down and click on the Vehicle Icon, locate the liftgate, and tap to Activate it.

Just last week, I found myself in a challenging situation. I had to load my Mach-E with camping gear for a weekend getaway. My hands were occupied with tents, sleeping bags, and other equipment, making it difficult to reach for my car keys and open the liftgate manually. Frustrated, I remembered that my Mach-E was equipped with the hands-free liftgate feature. I decided to put it to the test. As I approached the rear of my vehicle, I gave a swift, confident kick under the bumper, and to my amazement, the liftgate gracefully opened, providing easy access to the trunk. It was a moment of sheer convenience.

In this article, I will guide you through the simple step-by-step methods on how to enable and use this innovative feature on your Ford Mustang Mach-E, which will help save time and effort with proximity sensors and foot activation methods for a convenient, safe, and customizable liftgate experience.

How To Enable The Hands-Free Liftgate Feature

You can enable the hands-free liftgate feature of your Mach E using these simple steps:

  1. Enter the vehicle and start the ignition.
  2. Locate the “Settings” icon on the infotainment display screen.
  3. Access the “Vehicle” category within the settings menu.
  4. Look for the “Hands-Free Liftgate” option to access the customization settings.
  5. Click on the “liftgate” icon and toggle to enable the feature.

How To Disable the Hands-Free Liftgate Feature

Disabling the hands-free liftgate feature of your Mach E can be done using these simple steps:

  1. Enter the vehicle and start the ignition.
  2. Locate the “Settings” icon on the infotainment display screen.
  3. Access the “Vehicle” category within the settings menu.
  4. Look for the “Hands-Free Liftgate” option to access the customization settings.
  5. Click on the “liftgate” icon and toggle to enable the feature.

Understanding the Hands-Free Liftgate Feature

The hands-free liftgate on the Mach-E is a sophisticated system that allows the automatic opening and closing of your liftgate. Utilizing a combination of proximity sensors and motion detection technology, the vehicle senses your presence when you approach the rear bumper with the key fob in your possession.

Advantages of Using the Hands-Free Liftgate

Convenience: The hands-free liftgate provides a hassle-free solution, especially when your hands are full of groceries, luggage, or other items. It enables you to load and unload cargo effortlessly.

Safety: The system incorporates safety measures to prevent unintended openings, ensuring the liftgate operates only when the appropriate foot motion is detected.

Time-Saving: Activating the liftgate with a simple foot gesture saves time, especially in situations where your hands are occupied, allowing for quicker access to the cargo area.

Mach-E doesn’t have the hands-free feature? 

Note: If you’re using the SSM 50415-22022 Mustang Mach-E built on or after January 3, 2022, you will notice that the “Handsfree” feature is missing. It isn’t misbuilt. According to Ford, 2022 Mustang Mach-E vehicles built on or after January 3, 2022, are no longer equipped with a hands-free liftgate system.

A Lot of us users and owners aren’t happy about it. Nonetheless, it is possible to have the feature manually installed by an expert technician. And the good news is that it works just fine.

Preparing the Mach-E for Liftgate Activation

Before attempting to activate the hands-free liftgate, confirm that the key fob is properly synced and within range of the vehicle. The hands-free feature relies on the key fob’s proximity to detect your presence.

You must also ensure that the Mach-E’s power source is active and that the battery level is sufficient to operate the hands-free liftgate, as low battery levels may affect the feature’s responsiveness.

Lastly, check the liftgate to ensure there are no obstructions, damage, or mechanical issues that could hinder the hands-free activation process. Regularly maintain the liftgate to ensure smooth operation.

Activating the Hands-Free Liftgate

As you approach the rear of the Mach-E with the key fob in your possession, the vehicle’s proximity sensors detect your presence and prepare the liftgate for activation.

To activate the hands-free liftgate, perform a swift kicking motion under the center of the rear bumper. The vehicle’s motion detection technology recognizes the predefined foot gesture and opens the liftgate accordingly.

The Mach-E is equipped with sensors strategically placed under the rear bumper. It’s essential to identify the specific location for foot activation, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.


Customizing Liftgate Settings

You can customize the liftgate settings by accessing the Mach E settings menu on your dashboard and locating the “liftgate” feature.

Adjusting the Liftgate Opening Height and Speed

  1. Open the liftgate.
  2. When it reaches the desired height, stop the liftgate’s movement by pressing the control button.

Note: Even after the movement has stopped, you can still manually move it to the desired height.

  1. Press and hold the control button on the liftgate until you hear a tune sound, indicating that the programming is complete.

Note: You can only use the liftgate control button to program the height. Also, you cannot program the height if the liftgate position is too low.

  1. The power liftgate now opens at the programmed height. To change the programmed height, repeat the steps.

Note: You can fully open the liftgate by manually pushing it upward to the maximum open position if it opens in a lower position.

Note: The system recalls the new programmed height until you reprogram it, even if you disconnect the battery.

My liftgate opens on its own, even without prompting.

There are cases where the liftgate opens on its own without your prompting. This is due to the fact that some motion and presence sensors may open as a result of light changes on shiny or wet surfaces. This can cause damage to the car, especially when parked in the garage.

Most sensors have settings to negate this, but in some situations, setting the reflection rejection causes them to not activate for objects with repeating patterns, such as rows of pallets filled with cans. You can also adjust the height of the liftgate as a temporary fix for this issue.

Troubleshooting Tips for Any Activation Issues

In case of any issues with the hands-free liftgate activation, consider the following troubleshooting tips:

  • 1. Verify that the key fob’s battery is functional and has enough power.
  • 2. Double-check the liftgate’s settings in the vehicle’s customization menu to ensure the hands-free feature is enabled.
  • 3. Make sure there are no obstructions around the rear bumper that might interfere with the detection process.

Safety Considerations When Operating the Liftgate Hands-Free

While the hands-free liftgate enhances convenience, it’s crucial to exercise caution during operation.

  • 1. Ensure there are no obstructions near the rear bumper that could trigger the liftgate accidentally.
  • 2. Be mindful of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas, to prevent any unintended interactions with the liftgate.
  • 3. Be conscious of the proximity of other people or objects when operating the liftgate hands-free.


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