Grizzl-E vs. Flo: Which is Better?


The major difference between Grizzl-E and Flo is in their charging speeds and prices. Grizzl-E has a maximum charging speed of 40A, while the Flo maxes out at 30A, while Grizzl-E comes in at $395 and $349, Flo comes in at $795 and $995. Both chargers check separate boxes when it comes to other aspects and features. 

The day I brought home my new Ford Mustang Mach-E Select was a moment of immense pride and excitement. However, it wasn’t long before I realized that a reliable charging station was the missing piece of the puzzle that would allow me to embrace this eco-friendly lifestyle fully.

After conducting extensive research, I found myself torn between two exceptional options: Grizzl-E and Flo. The decision was far from easy, as both charging stations offered unique advantages that catered to my specific needs. Grizzl-E’s promise of unparalleled charging power and robust technology intrigued me, while Flo’s blend of style and functionality resonated with my design sensibilities.

After much contemplation, I ultimately chose to go with Grizzl-E. Its reputation for ruggedness and weather resistance gave me confidence that it would withstand the unpredictable weather patterns in my area. Additionally, the smartphone app that came with Grizzl-E allowed me to control and schedule charging sessions, seamlessly integrating my Mach-E into my daily routine.

In this article, I’ll delve into a detailed comparison between two prominent charging stations: Grizzl-E and Flo. I will analyze their key features, charging capabilities, installation requirements, smart functionalities, build quality, pricing, warranties, and user feedback. In addition, I’ll take you through the installation process for each charging station.

Here’s a table summarizing the information for the Flo Home G5, Flo Home X5, and Grizzl-E charging stations:

FeatureFlo Home G5Flo Home X5Grizzl-E Charging StationGrizzl-E Smart Connect Station
Output Power6.2 – 7.2 kW6.2 – 7.2 kWAjustable: 16A, 24A, 32A, 40AAjustable: 16A, 24A, 32A, 40A
Output Current30 A (adjustable from 6 to 30 A)30 A (adjustable from 6 to 30 A)Max: 40A (50A circuit), 32A (40A circuit).Max: 40A (50A circuit), 32A (40A circuit).
AC Input Voltage208-240 V @ 60 Hz208-240 V @ 60 Hz24A (30A circuit), 16A (20A circuit).24A (30A circuit), 16A (20A circuit).
AC Input ConnectionHardwired (must be installed by an electrician).Hardwired (must be installed by an electrician).Hardwired (requires 14-50R outlet)Hardwired (requires 14-50R outlet)
Security FeaturesIntegrated GFCI 20mA, 3 reset attempts at 15-minute intervalsIntegrated GFCI 20mA, 3 reset attempts at 15-minute intervalsOver Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Missing Diodes, Ground Fault, Over Temperature Protections. Built-in GFCIOver Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Missing Diodes, Ground Fault, Over Temperature Protections. Built-in GFCI
Power Measurement AccuracyN/A+/- 1.0%N/AN/A
Operating Temperature-40 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F)-40 °C to 50 °C (-40 °F to 122 °F)-40 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F)-40 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F)
CertificacionesMeets UL safety standards. CSA, FCC 47 CFR Part 15Meets UL safety standards, CSA, FCC 47 CFR Part 15, ENERGY STAR.UL Full Test and Certified, IP67, Fire-resistant, Eligible for Federal Rebate ProgramUL Tested and Certified, Energy Star Certified, NEMA 4x, Fire-resistant, Eligible for Federal Rebate Program.
ConnectionN/AFLO Mobile AppN/AGrizzl-E Connect software
Cable7.62 m (25’) commercial grade7.62 m (25’) commercial grade24 Feet Premium Cable24 Feet Cable
Charging ConnectorSAE J1772 is designed to withstand 10,000+ charging cycles.SAE J1772 is designed to withstand 10,000+ charging cycles.SAE J1772 is designed to withstand 10,000+ charging cycles.SAE J1772 is designed to withstand 10,000+ charging cycles.
Status IndicatorCharging status: LED, audio.Charging status LED, connectivity status LED.N/AN/A
Enclosure100% Aluminum type 4X (waterproof and corrosion-proof).100% Aluminum type 4X (waterproof and corrosion-proof).NEMA-4 water and air-tight metal enclosureNEMA-4 water and air-tight metal enclosure
MountingWall bracket included.Wall bracket included.N/AN/A
Impact RatingIK10IK10N/AN/A
Limited Warranty5 years5 years3 Years Warranty3 Years Warranty

Products Overview

Grizzl-E and Flo charging stations stand as paragons of charging technology, designed to cater to the charging needs of electric vehicle owners. 

The Grizzl-E charging station stands as a beacon of power and precision in the charging world. With its robust construction and cutting-edge technology, Grizzl-E delivers a seamless charging experience. Boasting a sleek yet rugged design, the Grizzl-E is built to withstand the elements and endure the test of time. Its primary features include high charging capacity, compatibility with a wide range of EV models, and advanced safety protocols.

FLO is a market leader in electric car charging. A wide variety of dependable EV charging stations and a coast-to-coast network with 98% uptime. The Flo charging station boasts sleek aesthetics and advanced functionality. It offers one of the most vast charging networks in North America. Flo’s charging stations are synonymous with a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality The charging power offered by Flo is equally impressive, accompanied by a user-friendly interface and intelligent cable management. This charging station caters to the modern EV owner who values not only performance but also an elegant design.

Grizzly-E vs. Flo Comparison

When it comes to choosing between Grizzl-e and Flo, there are several factors one should consider. Factors such as charging performance, compatibility, durability, user interface, smart charging capabilities, safety features, and customer support are all critical aspects to consider.

Charging Power and Speed

When comparing charging power and speed, both Grizzl-E and Flo have commendable offerings. 

Grizzl-E presents a range of charging capacities, with options that provide varying kilowatts to suit different EV models. It’s recognized for its fast-charging capabilities, delivering a substantial charge in a remarkably short time. The Grizzl-E can be configured for a maximum current output of 40, 32, 24, or 16 amps and delivers up to 10 kW of power to your vehicle.

Similarly, the Flo charging station showcases impressive charging speeds and compatibility with a wide array of EVs. The Flocharger is designed to charge most EVs to 80% in 15 minutes, with up to 320 kW available using dynamic power sharing and up to 500 kW with multiple electric vehicle charging stations connected together.

Installation and Compatibility

Grizzl-E necesita a professional electrician’s assistance for wiring and circuit setup. Its compatibility with diverse electrical systems and residential configurations ensures widespread usability. On the other hand, Flo’s installation process is user-friendly and designed to accommodate various setups. Both charging stations offer compatibility with different electrical systems, catering to the diverse needs of EV owners.

Installing the Grizzl-E can be done in the following steps:

  1. Drill a hole into the wall to fit the measurements of the mounting plate.
  2. Screw the mounting plate to the wall.
  3. Fix the charging unit to the mounting plate.
  4. Slide in the security pin into the backhole to provide firmer support.
  5. Plug the charger into your power source.

You can install the Flo home station charger using the following steps.

  1. Disassemble the front housing by removing the two front screws.
  2. Separate the mounting plate by unscrewing the lower screw.
  3. Use the mounting plate as a drilling template.
  4. Hang the mounting plate securely to a stable surface using at least a minimum of three anchor screws
  5. Insert the conductors and screw the strain relief into the rear housing.
  6. Connect the two power wires and the ground wire.
  7. Install the front housing of the charging station by presenting it at about an angle of 30 °.
  8. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to your PLC module and the other to a free port on your router.
  9. Plug the PLC module into a wall unit.
  10. Login to your Flo account
  11. Click on “Associate Station”.
  12. Enter the 16 character association code included with your station and click “Associate”.

Connectivity and Smart Features

Grizzl-E provides smartphone apps, enabling users to remotely monitor charging status, schedule sessions, and integrate with smart home systems. Its Wi-Fi connectivity enhances user control and convenience. 

Similarly, Flo boasts an array of elegant, smart features, allowing for seamless integration into your daily routine. This feature allows the user to check charging statistics, schedule charging, and carry out other charging functions all from the Flo App.

Build Quality and Durability.

The Grizzl-E and Flo chargers are both built to withstand the test of time and environmental factors. 

The Grizzl-E is a straightforward, powerful, heavy-duty, and portable electric vehicle charging station made in Canada and designed to withstand the harshest environments. Its outer casing is made of thick, durable aluminum, making it one of only a few EV chargers with metal enclosures. This ensures longevity, making it a trustworthy option for long-term use.

Flo, while focusing on aesthetics, doesn’t compromise on durability. It is built to withstand outdoor conditions and maintain its functionality over the years. The FLO Ultra Charger is a long-lasting device built to survive severe weather conditions. Its enclosure is built of sturdy, recyclable metal.

Cost and Value

Cost is often a deciding factor for EV owners cuando choosing a charging station. Grizzl-E and Flo have different price points, with associated installation costs.

The Grizzl-E Charger sells for a starting price of $395 and sells as high as $349, depending on the desired model of the charger.

The Flo charger is sold at a starting price of $795 and can cost as much as $995, depending on the model of Flo charger being purchased. 

With their competitive pricing, they both offer an excellent balance between affordability and functionality. It’s important to weigh the features against the cost to determine which station aligns with your budget and needs.

Warranty and Customer Support

Grizzl-E and Flo both offer short and long-term warranties that reflect their commitment to quality and building customer trust. Grizzl-E’s offers a warranty of 3 years. Flo chargers come with a standard 5-year warranty period. However, the Flo charger has an extended warranty option, which increases the product’s warranty period more than the standard 2-year period.

The customer service and response system is another method employed by both charging companies to enhance customer relationships and trust. Their responsive customer support ensures timely issue resolution. This support system enhances the overall ownership experience of these charging stations.

User Feedback and Reviews

Both charging companies enjoy and boast positive user feedback due to their products’ exceptionality, reliability, and durability. Some users appreciate Grizzl-E’s ruggedness, while others praise Flo’s sleek design.

A little research into the feedback of Flo charger users revealed that the product company not only talks the talk but also walks the walk in terms of providing durable and reliable chargers for EV users. This is complimented by the 92% 5-star ratings they’ve got on Amazon, a popular E-commerce store. 

Overall, positive user feedback underscores the effectiveness of both charging stations.

Nonetheless, certain concerns have been raised, but these concerns are minimal and often related to individual setup challenges.

Why I Chose the Grizzl-E

The major reason I chose the Grizzl-E over flo was because of the pricing and amperage. While Flo looked better and more futuristic, the Grizzl-E fit my needs and budget more.



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