Does the Mach-E have Sentry Mode? Answered

Does the Mach-E Have Sentry Mode

No, the Mach-E does not have sentry mode. Instead, it has a 360-degree camera, mainly designed for safety and convenience rather than security. The cameras help you avoid collisions or other accidents by giving you a clear view of your surroundings. However, Ford has announced that the sentry mode is a priority for them, which means it’s on the way, but no definite date has been set.

I recently started a new job in this bustling city, where I have to drive my Mach-E to work every day. I’ve been parking it on crowded streets for the past three months. The downside is that the street is always bustling with people walking by and constant traffic. Unfortunately, my Mach-E doesn’t come with sentry mode like Tesla’s cars. This means I can’t monitor what’s happening around my vehicle, and I constantly worry about the possibility of someone damaging it or attempting to break in. Unlike Tesla’s sentry mode, which provides all-around coverage and records any suspicious activity near the car, my Mach-E lacks that security feature. Sentry mode alerts the owner when potential threats are detected, capturing footage of the incidents before and during their occurrence.

In this article, I’ll cover the differences between the Mach-E 360 cam and the sentry mode, highlighting the limitations of the Mach-E 360 cam compared to the dashcam. Also, I’ll tell you about the alternatives to the sentry cam.

Why does Mach-E not have sentry mode?

The Mach-E does not have the sentry mode feature, probably because the feature may not have been included in the manufacturer’s original designs and the technical capabilities at the manufacturing time. Also, there was probably no demand for this feature during manufacturing.

Ford Update on the Installation of Sentry Mode

Ford has announced in a live question-and-answer session that they’ll take Mach-Es to the next level by adding sentry mode to the OTA.

Although a specific date for this update is not readily available, in my opinion, I don’t trust Ford’s promises on live sessions.

Hopefully, with the increasing social vices and insecurity and high demand for sentry mode features, they will keep their promises, and the feature will come soon.

Difference Between Mach-E 360 Cam and Sentry Mode

ParametersMach-E 360 camSentry mode
FunctionsThe 360-Degree Camera is designed to give you a view of the vehicle’s surroundings while driving, allowing you to see a composite image from multiple cameras mounted around the car. It is helpful for parking and low-speed maneuvering, as it helps you avoid obstacles and park more easily.Sentry Mode is a security feature available in some electric vehicles. When enabled, it uses the car’s cameras and sensors to monitor the environment around the vehicle when parked. It is designed to deter potential break-ins and acts as a surveillance system, recording video and capturing images if it detects any suspicious activity or attempts to break into the car.
Power usageThe 360-degree camera system requires a lot of power to run. It needs the car’s engine to be on and uses a lot of electricity to power the cameras and process the video footage.The sentry mode feature uses much less power since it only uses sensors to detect movement, doesn’t need the engine to run continuously, and can function till the battery gets to 20%.
Recording and AlertsThe 360 Cam typically does not continuously record video or capture images. It provides real-time views to assist the driver while parking.Sentry Mode continuously monitors the car’s surroundings when activated. If it detects a potential threat or a significant event, it can save video clips to the car’s storage and even display a message on the car’s infotainment screen.

Limitations of The Mach-E 360 Cam Compared to The Dashcam

  • Storage Capacity: The 360 Cam might not have a large built-in storage capacity for video recording since it’s primarily intended for live views during driving and parking. Dashcams often come with dedicated storage or support for external memory cards, allowing for extended video recording periods, especially when parked.
  • Footage Retrieval: Retrieving footage from the 360 Cam for later review might not be as straightforward as dashcams, which often have easy-to-access memory cards or dedicated apps for managing recorded videos. Many dashcams allow easy access to the recorded footage through a removable memory card or wireless connectivity to a smartphone app.
  • Footage Accessibility: The 360-degree camera system’s video footage is only available while you’re in the car, while dashcam footage can be accessed from anywhere.

Alternatives to the Sentry Mode

You can use these alternatives to ensure your security without a sentry mode feature in your machine.

  1. Install an alarm system: You should activate an alarm system when someone tries to break into the vehicle (most EVs come with this). These systems typically include sensors on doors, windows, and the trunk, and they trigger a loud alarm if a break-in attempt is detected.
  2. Motion-Activated Lights: The lights turn on when someone approaches the vehicle, which can help deter potential intruders.
  3. GPS Tracking: Some cars come equipped with GPS tracking systems or have options for you to install aftermarket GPS tracking devices. These systems can help locate your vehicle if it’s stolen.
  4. Remote Monitoring Apps: Certain vehicles offer mobile apps that allow you to remotely check the status of your vehicle, including its location and whether the doors are locked.

The Mach-E’s lack of a sentry mode feature doesn’t necessarily make it an inferior car. While a sentry mode feature can provide some benefits, the Mach-E still offers many great features, including its 360-degree camera system and advanced driver-assistance features.

In addition, you can purchase and install any of the alternatives to sentry mode in your car.

It’s also essential to consider the overall package rather than focusing on one feature when deciding on a car.



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