Best and Worst Colors of The Mustang Mach-E


Rapid Red and Carbonized Gray are the best Mustang Mach-E colors, while Grabber Blue and Cyber Orange are considered the worst. Rapid Red and Carbonized Gray radiate modernity and dynamic energy, while Grabber Blue and Cyber Orange, although daring, might not resonate with everyone’s vision.

Regarding the Mustang Mach-E, its color palette can significantly influence the perception of the vehicle’s aesthetics and personality. Hence, I will explore the world of the best and worst colors for the Mustang Mach-E, analysing their impact on appearance, maintenance, cost, and personal preferences.

The available exterior colors for the Mustang Mach-E are:

  1. Rapid Red 
  2. Infinite Blue 
  3. Star White 
  4. Iced Blue Silver 
  5. Space White
  6. Carbonized Gray 
  7. Dark Matter Gray
  8. Shadow Black
  9. Oxford White
  10. Grabber Blue
  11. Cyber Orange

Just like the exterior, the colors of the car’s interior are also important. Ford offers three available colors for the Mustang Mach-E:

  1. Black Onyx
  2. Light Space Gray
  3. Black Onyx with Miko

But for the sake of this article, I’ll focus only on the exterior colors. Remember, the ultimate decision hinges on personal taste, making each Mach-E uniquely reflect its owner’s style and preference.

Performance and Quality

Carbonized Gray, Star White, and Rapid Red would be great choices if you’re looking for very good performance and quality.

Carbonized Gray

You’d love the Carbonized Gray’s unique and rugged look if you appreciate an adventurous and robust appearance. While emphasizing performance, this color maintains a high level of quality through its application and durability. 

Star White

The Star White is a sophisticated and elegant color choice. Its pearl-like finish adds a touch of luxury to the vehicle, complementing its cutting-edge performance capabilities. The attention to detail in this color ensures a smooth and flawless appearance. 

Rapid Red

The Rapid Red color adds a vibrant and sporty look to the vehicle and maintains its high-quality finish. The color’s depth and shine accentuate the vehicle’s sleek lines and contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

Best and Worst Colors for Cleaning and Maintenance

Dark Matter Gray and Carbonized Gray are the best color choices for cleaning and maintenance. While these dark colors may not be able to hide scratches and imperfections as effectively as lighter options, they are easier to keep clean. Their ability to resist dust and dirt makes them stand out as practical choices. 

Light colors like Infinite Blue, Star White, and Space White enhance the vehicle’s overall aesthetics and help keep the interior cooler in warmer climates. In terms of cleaning, light-colored vehicles can require slightly more maintenance to keep them looking their best. Light colors show more prominently dirt, dust, and road grime.

Best Color Appearances During The Day

The colors with the best appearance during the day are Rapid Red, Iced Blue Silver, and Grabber Blue. They tend to stand out and effectively showcase the vehicle’s design lines and features. These colors are dynamic and eye-catching in daylight, highlighting the SUV’s modern aesthetics. 

Best Color Appearances At Night

For a striking appearance at night, darker colors like Shadow Black and Carbonized Gray are great choices as they have an air of sophistication and mystery. These colors tend to absorb and reflect ambient lighting, creating a sleek and elegant look under artificial illumination. Also, the contrast between these dark colors and the vehicle’s illuminated features, such as headlights and taillights, can create a visually appealing and captivating effect. 

Dark Colors vs. Light Colors in The Struggle of Scratches and Blemishes 

Owning a darker-colored Mach-E might require a bit more effort to keep it looking pristine. The contrast between the paint and any imperfections can be quite noticeable. In contrast, lighter shades tend to camouflage minor flaws, making them more suitable for those who prefer a lower-maintenance option. 

Dark colors, such as Shadow Black and Carbonized Gray, tend to amplify imperfections like dust, water spots, and scratches. The absence of natural shadowing on dark surfaces makes imperfections stand out, and even minor scratches can catch and scatter light, making them more noticeable. Regular cleaning and detailing are essential to keep them looking their best. 

In contrast, light colors like Star White and Infinite Blue are more adept at hiding scratches. Light-colored paints scatter light differently, which can help minimize the appearance of minor scratches. The contrast between the paint color and scratches is less pronounced, making imperfections less noticeable to the eye. 

While scratches may still be present, they blend better with the overall color, providing a more forgiving appearance. Light colors can offer an advantage in reducing the visibility of scratches, but regular care and maintenance are essential for keeping any paint color looking its best.

Rapid Red: The Best Mustang Mach-E Color

I absolutely adore the Rapid Red color. It’s not just a color; it’s a statement of boldness and sophistication. Whenever I glimpse my car in that stunning shade, it feels like an instant mood lifter. The vibrant red hue commands attention and exudes a sense of dynamic energy, perfectly capturing the spirit of the Mustang brand.

There’s something about Rapid Red that comes alive under different lighting conditions. When the sunlight hits the car’s surface, it glistens with a mesmerizing depth, showcasing the metallic-tinted clearcoat in a way that’s almost magical. And even under the city lights at night, the color radiates an aura of elegance and allure, making every drive feel like an adventure.

Grabber Blue: The Worst Mustang Mach-E Color

While I respect everyone’s preferences, Grabber Blue, for me, doesn’t quite cut it. The shade feels a bit too vibrant and intense. It’s as if it’s shouting for attention rather than gently inviting it, which can be overwhelming.

Also, Grabber Blue can appear somewhat less sophisticated when compared to the more refined and subtle blue colors like Infinite Blue or even Iced blue Silver. It lacks the nuanced depth and elegance that some other colors bring to the table. 

In comparison to the serene Infinite Blue, Grabber Blue feels more like a high-energy burst that might not align with the sense of calm and composed driving experience I’m looking for. While some might appreciate its boldness, I lean more towards colors that offer a balance of excitement and refinement, making Grabber Blue my worst Mustang Mach-E color. 

Best and Worst Colors for Resale Value

Iced Blue Silver is a trendy color choice due to its timeless appeal. It often enjoys consistent demand among used car buyers, contributing positively to resale value.

The Mach-E Star White also tends to project a clean and fresh image, which can attract a broad range of buyers. Additionally, it is less prone to fading or showing blemishes, helping maintain its appeal over time. 

Shadow Black is also up on the list of colors with the best resale value. It exudes sophistication and elegance, making it a sought-after choice. While it may be susceptible to scratches and blemishes, it still commands a strong resale value.

While personal preferences vary, an overly unique color like Cyber Orange limits the pool of potential buyers with the same taste. This can potentially lead to a longer selling process or a lower resale value.

Alongside Cyber Orange, colors that demand meticulous upkeep, such as Dark Matter Gray, which has a matte finish, could potentially deter buyers concerned about the ongoing care required.

Recap of the Best and Worst Mustang Mach-E Colors

I’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of the best and worst Mustang Mach-E colors here:

ColorBest InWorst In
Rapid RedEleganceHiding dirt, maintenance
Infinite BlueModern style, Hiding minor scratchesVisibility in certain lighting
Star WhiteClean aesthetic, resale valueMaintenance, prone to stains
Iced Blue SilverUnique appearance, Concealing dirtReflects heat, shows imperfections
Space WhiteFuturistic vibeFading over time
Carbonized GrayIt may not suit most preferencesScratches visibility
Dark Matter GrayLow maintenanceBlemishes visibility
Shadow BlackAggressive and bold appearanceScratches visibility, heat absorption
Oxford WhiteVersatile, resale valueProne to dirt and stains
Cyber OrangeHigh visibilityMay not suit most preferences

Price and Color Comparison

Prices and certain features can influence your choice if you’re considering getting a Mustang Mach-E. Here, I’ve listed all the available colors and their prices. When you’ve made your choice and it’s time to order, you can do so here.

ColorEstimated PriceStandardSpecialty
Rapid Red$58,812NoYes
Star White$56,812YesNo
Iced Blue Silver$59,535NoYes
Space White$59,595NoYes
Carbonized Gray$51,990YesNo
Shadow Black$60,925YesNo
Oxford White$51,590YesNo
Grabber Blue$54,998NoYes
Cyber Orange$62,795No Yes
Dark Matter Gray$51,135NoYes


The Mustang Mach-E, with its diverse range of colors, offers something for every preference and lifestyle. Whether you opt for the scratch-hiding elegance of Space White or the bold statement of Rapid Red, you’ll be riding a remarkable vehicle regardless. So, as you embark on your journey to get your own EV, remember to consider its features and performance and the canvas on which its story will be painted—the color that speaks to you.



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